Shipping services

Do you have a car in the USA but have no idea how to take it home? Just get in touch with us and we will help you! We can ship vehicles from 6 ports, therefore we can offer our customers the most competitive prices.

International ocean freight: we can arrange shipment from any location in the USA/ Canada to any port in the world.

Vehicle transportation to the loading location within the USA (Indianapolis, Huston, New York, Los Angeles, Savannah) or Canada (Montreal).

Loading into the shipping container and delivery to the port of your choice.

Collection and unloading of the shipping container at the port of your choice.

Delivery to Kaunas or other location of your choice in Lithuania.

Shipping of oversize cargo from the USA/ Canada (agricultural machinery, construction machinery, watercraft).

We can arrange transportation for any vehicle you have purchased!

Vietinis transportavimas Amerikoje - atvežame Jūsų transporto priemonę iki artimiausio JAV uosto.