Cars from the USA

American automotive market in the largest auto market in the world, offering over 200 thousand vehicles for sale every day.

Purchasing procedure, terms and conditions

Look for the car of your dreams in the auto auctions and contact us once you think you have found it. We will email you the agreement and our banking information. We ask for an advance payment equaling 10% of the amount which you wish to spend on the car (but no less than 500€) before we start the purchase. The money will be used as the auction deposit in case you end up deciding not to purchase the vehicle you have won in the auction.

Once you sign the agreement and make the advance payment, you can participate in the auction.

If we win the auction and purchase the car you had chosen, you need to pay for it in 2 calendar days*. The exact amount will be specified in the agreement and will consist of the following:

  • Car price;

  • Handling charge in the USA/Canada (fixed at 190$);

  • Auction charges;

  • Costs of ground shipping to the port in the USA/Canada;

  • Ocean freight costs to the European port of your choice.

Automobilių nupirkimas iš JAV aukcionų bei pristatymas iki Jūsų pageidaujamos vietos.

Depending on the location of purchase and the nearest port, it will take about one week for the car to be loaded in the container at the port of New York, Chicago, Savannah, Huston, Los Angeles or Montreal. When the car is delivered to the port, we take up to 30 high definition pictures of it, which we will send to you.

As soon as the vehicle is loaded for transportation, you will be sent the container tracking number (the link for tracking the status of your shipment is available on our website).

The time in transit may vary from 14 to 26 days, depending on the destination port.

We will contact you as soon as the container arrives at the destination port. As per agreement, we will take care of all customs procedures.

Automobilių transportavimas iš JAV į Europą

We can also consult on any issues related to vehicle registration in Lithuania.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +370 610 71000.

As simple as it gets!!!

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