About Us

Carsfromusa.eu offers professional assistance to those who wish to buy a car or some auto parts from the USA. We purchase vehicles and auto parts in the US and arrange for their transportation to any location worldwide. We have been providing premium quality services for over 15 years and are happy to share our experience with our customers that range from large transport companies to individual buyers. Today, we can offer qualified assistance with vehicle or auto parts purchase in the USA and ensure the best delivery terms to any country.

We cooperate with the biggest and most reliable auctions in the USA and Canada. To save your time and money, we ship the cars from six US ports. Our professional team is always ready to consult and provide concise and clear information. Relying on our experience, you can save even more by letting us find and offer you the best price and quality ratio.

Carsfromusa.eu operations:

  • Buying cars and specialized machinery from the USA;

  • Worldwide shipping of vehicles, auto parts and specialized machinery;

  • Buying new, used and damaged cars at the US auctions or from US dealers;

  • Customs brokerage;

  • Consulting on the certification and registration of vehicles in Lithuania.

The mission of Carsfromusa.eu is to provide car purchasing and shipping services across the globe.

The cars from the USA reach their European owners in different ways but the common fact is that buying a car from the US for the first or even for the second time is usually exhausting and stressful. Our goal is to make it simple and stress-free. We have been collaborating with transport companies worldwide for many years and came to realize that the three fundamental expectations of present-day customers swift fast service, convenience and simplicity, and this is exactly what we offer. Just let us know what car you are thinking of and we will find it for you and deliver it to your home in any country of the world.

Why choose us:

  • We have over 15 years of experience in vehicle purchasing and shipping from the USA (cars, motorcycles, specialized machinery);

  • We save your time and money by shipping vehicles from 6 ports across the US;

  • Professional consulting and assistance;

  • All-inclusive car shipping and delivery services to our customers that range from large transport companies to individual buyers;

  • We have business partners all over the world therefore we guarantee trouble-free transactions and swift delivery.